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Prepared for College or a Career?

Have some questions about college or getting a job?  Watch these short videos to learn more!

Atomic Learning is a online training resource that is available 24/7 and open to ALL Enid students, parents, staff, and faculty.  It delivers on-demand training for a variety of topics.  Please see these helpful short videos below to learn more.  

Students use your student ID to login. 

Parents use the username: enid and password: plainsmen to login.  


Getting Ready to Go to College:

Completing a FAFSA

Preparing for College

How Do I Choose a Major?

Where do I go for academic support?

What should I look for on a campus visit?

What is financial aid?

How involved should I be in campus life?

What concerns should I have about a roommate?


Preparing for the Workforce and Getting a Job:

How Do I Apply for a Job?

How do I prepare for an Interview?

What skills do I need to enter the workforce?

What do I need to consider when accepting a job?

Successful time management

Internet safety

Effective listening skills