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Dual Enrollment Information

A look at the dual enrollment program between NOC and EHS


Dual enrollment, sometimes referred to as concurrent enrollment, means enrollment at two institutions at once.   In our Guidance Department we generally use this term in regards to taking college classes at Northern Oklahoma College (NOC) while still enrolled in high school at Enid High.  Our district strongly supports concurrent enrollment at NOC, and many NOC classes are offered in our University Center.


  1. Must be a Senior or Junior.
  2. Must meet ACT guidelines.  Seniors must have a 19 overall on the ACT, and a 19 in the sub category related to the class.  Juniors must have a 21 on the ACT, and a 21 in the sub category.
  3. Requires approval from the counselor, principal and parent.
  4. Student must have room on their schedule for a study period.  This is required.
  5. Please be aware that NOC classes are not free.  Juniors are responsible for tuition and fees.  Seniors are responsible for fees.  Students taking a class at NOC will be responsible for buying their textbooks.


If you are doing Concurrent Enrollment through NOC please view the 3 videos located at the bottom of this webpage.   This will help you to be informed about your responsibilities, and increase your chances of success as an NOC Concurrent Enrollment student.