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School Safety







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School Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of our students and staff. We are extremely grateful to the Enid community for supporting the 2016 Bond Issue, which includes safety and security improvements for all schools across the district. Over the summer, EHS administrators developed a plan to provide further safety and security to staff and students.

  • Visitors to EHS must be granted access by office staff before they can enter any portion of the building.
  • Visitors to the EHS campus will enter through the West or East entrance and check in at the visitors’ desk upon entrance.
  • All other doors customarily opened will be locked.Handicap visitor access to the building will be available through the West Welcome Center doors.
  • Students who are driving to school must park in the student parking lot exclusively.
  • Parking on the west side of the track has been designated as staff and students.

Soon, through the bond issue, EHS and each campus will receive a visitor management system that helps determine if visitors may pose a safety concern, such as being on an offender registry.

In addition to these changes, we also are implementing several additional measures to address safety issues at our largest campuses, including improving the supervision areas of our campus police officers.

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