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Dress Code

Dress Code

As a friendly reminder, below are highlights of the dress code that will provide a more conducive learning environment for all:


The dress code is designed for all students, with emphasis on good grooming, cleanliness, and
proper dress and respect for others. This code is an integral part of the student’s education process
which tends to enhance one’s appearance and personal image at school. A dress code that promotes
a positive learning environment is the responsibility of every student and parent/guardian. The faculty
will administer the dress code with the administrator making the final decision.
Provisions of the Dress Code Include:

 Shorts and skirts, must be long enough to completely cover the student’s backside and not form
fitted (spandex/biker shorts). Bicycle shorts, boxer shorts, mesh shirts, tube tops, and/or
clothes with holes in inappropriate places are not permitted.

 Areas that must be covered at all times are the student’s backside, upper thighs, midriff and chest.

 Yoga pants/leggings are allowed as long as the shirt being worn extends to or beyond the waist line.

 Sagging beyond the waistline is not permitted.

 Clothing should be buttoned and appropriate undergarments worn at all times. The student’s
undergarments should not be visible at any time. This includes men’s tank undershirts.

 All necklines should be modest and appropriate. All shirts must extend to or beyond the waistline to
ensure midriff is not visible.

 Tank tops may be worn as long the chest is covered and has form fitted arm holes and extends to or
beyond the waistline. Spaghetti strap & cami tops may be worn if they meet the dress code

 Footwear must be worn at all times. House shoes may not be worn at the school.

 Costumes may only be worn on designated days.

 Athletes must wear a shirt at all times while on school property.

 All students participating in school activities will comply with the dress and appearance regulations of
activities to which they belong and participate.

 Safety and sanitation dictate that students wear appropriate footwear. No house shoes/slippers are

 Clothing or jewelry displaying descriptive or suggestive lettering, pictures and/or symbols is
considered inappropriate and will not be permitted. Items advertising alcoholic beverages, drugs,
guns, and/or tobacco products will not be permitted.

 Stocking caps/beanies, hats, showercaps, do-rags, skull caps, and/or hoods may not be worn on the
head inside the building at any time. Bandanas/headbands may only be worn in the hair as long as it
is holding hair out of the students face. Bandanas/headbands may not be worn across the forehead.
Hoods on sweatshirts or sweaters may not be worn over the head inside the buildings at any time.

 Any gang-related behavior, body adornment, tattoos, or clothing is prohibited; this includes, but is not
limited to, sagging, wearing gang/set colors, written symbols, or gestures that reflect gang affiliation.