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Local Scholarships

All LOCAL scholarships are for Enid High Seniors  
Scholarships are subject to availability of funds.  
Description Criteria


Due Essay & Letters of Reccomendation ?
Vicki and Kevin Davis Scholarship For Enid High School students who have successfully participated in the Vicki and Kevin Davis Scholarship Program at University Center and will be attending Northern Oklahoma College, Oklahoma State University, Autry Vo-Tech or another accredited trade school as a full-time student. Participation in Vicki and Kevin Davis Scholarship Program, 2.5 GPA

Apply Here

Vicki and Kevin Davis Scholarship

John Clausing Memorial Scholarship For a well rounded student athlete who lettered in a minor sport, demonstrates excellent character, and plans to attend college.  Min 3.0 GPA, person of good character and citizenship,  Financial Need considered. Apply Here John Clausing Scholarship 4th Monday of March Essay required.  2 letters of reccomendation submitted to the scholarship fund.
Merrifield Office Plus Leadership Commitment Looking for a well-rounded student who has distinguished themselves in regards to achievement, leadership, sportsmanship, character, and community involvement. Min GPA 2.75, Financial Need Considered Apply Here Merrifield Scholarship 4th Monday of March  
Betty June Harrison Sneed Memorial Scholarship For use ONLY AT OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY.  Not to be used in combination with an athletic scholarship. Min 3.2 GPA Apply Here Betty June Harrison Sneed Scholarship 4th Monday of March  
The Keithly Family EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP For a student planning to major in Education. 3.0 GPA Minimum, Financial Need Considered, Must verify college enrollment, and plans to major in Education.

Apply Here 

4th Monday of March Brief Essay, and 3 Letters of Reccomendation
Edith W. Mayes Memorial Scholarship For a student of excellent character, with at least a Minimum 3.3 GPA 3.3 GPA Min,

Apply Here

Edith W. Mayes Scholarship

4th Monday of March Required:  2 letters of reccomendation explaining student’s worthiness based on reliability, character and maturity.
DeKock Scholarship For a student athlete:  must have lettered in one sport for two years, or two sports for one year. 3.2 GPA Min., not for students with a full scholarship, or for students whose parents are employed by Enid Public Schools.


Apply Here

DeKock Scholarship


4th Monday of March Essay required
Kay Weldon Memorial Scholarship For a female student who exemplifies leadership, scholarship and community involvement.  Consideration given to the girls with a PEO family member, but not strictly required. For use at a 4-year college or university.


Apply Here

Kay Weldon Scholarship


4th Monday of March Required:  3 references and short answer statement/paragraph.
Leta Corr Professional Educator Scholarship For an Enid High student who majors in Education. Renewable for Education Majors.


Apply Here

Leta Corr Scholarship


4th Monday of March Required:  Short answer essay, letters of recc from a current a former teacher.
Lonnie & Erna Combs Scholarship For a student who has shown notable improvement academically, since entering high school. 3.35 GPA Min



Apply Here

Lonnie & Erna Combs Scholarship



4th Monday of March Required:  2 letters of reccomendation, one from a teacher, and one from an employer or community member.  Short answer essay.
Nellie R. Johnson Math and Science Education Scholarship For a senior who is a former Emerson Middle School student, and who is interested in becoming a math or science educator. 3.0 GPA Min, has taken a course of study demonstrating interest in math and science, and plans to become a math or science educator; financial need considered.

Apply Here

Nellie R. Johnson Scholarship

4th Monday of March Required:  Essay, and statement of financial need.
Robert Joseph Jantzen Friendship Award This scholarship recognizes a special person, who goes above and beyond in offering their genuine friendship to many people, and serves as a force for the positive in their lives. 2.5 GPA Min, applied and accepted into a college or university


Apply Here

Robert Joseph Jantzen Friendship Award


4th Monday of March Required: Essay written by a friend explaining how this candidate is a good friend who is caring, and sees the best in others. Sealed letter of reccomendation by an Enid faculty member.
Zeola, Earl and Iola Schneider Trust Scholarship Considering leadership, extra curricular activities, and future educational goals. 3.2 GPA Min, Financial Need Considered

Apply Here

Schneider Scholarship

4th Monday of March Required: 2 letters of reference, and an essay.
Kathie Louise Callaway Dyche Memorial Scholarship For a senior who is taking art their senior year, and planning to major in the visual arts or related areas. Must be a current art student with intent for a related major in visual arts area.

Apply Here

Kathie Louise Callaway Dyche Scholarship

4th Monday of March Short Essay
Judge Geo. Howard Wilson Scholarship Fund For a senior planning to pursue a degree in law or the legal profession. Ranked in upper 1/3 of graduating class at EHS; extra-curricular involvement in the school or community.


Apply Here

Judge Wilson Scholarship


4th Monday of March Letter of reccomendation from a former teacher.
Charles Mehew “Pioneer Spirit Award” For a student who exemplifies the “Pioneer Spirit” of being a hard worker, determined, courageous, persistent, and concerned for others. GPA Considered

Apply Here

Charles Mehew Award

4th Monday of March Essay and Letter of Reccomendation Required
John & Myrtle Dickey Award Must demonstrate character and leadership in the classroom, as well as extra curriculars. 3.2 GPA Min,


Apply Here

John & Myrtle Dickey Award


4th Monday of March Short essay; 2 letters of reference.
Enid High Class of 1942 Scholarship Looking for a well rounded student leader involved in the school and community, with educational goals and financial need. 3.0 GPA Min; ACT Score Considered; Financial Need strongly considered.


Apply Here

Class of 42 Scholarship


4th Monday of March Short essay

Dwain H. Hughes Memorial Scholarship

(See Guidance office for details.)

Looking for a female student with an above average ACT/SAT score, and a strong GPA. 3.25 GPA Min, ACT Score of 25 or higher; Must be fully admitted into a 4-year college or university.  Financial need strongly considered.


Apply Here

Dwain H. Hughes Scholarship


4th Monday of March Required: 2 letter of reccomendation, short answer essay.  Also requires supporting documentation for financial need.


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