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Choir Syllabus



Your grade is based on the following:

                20%        PERFORMANCES             

                60%        DAILY REHEARSAL

                20%        THEORY/TESTS




Performances are an essential part of the educational process.  They serve as examinations and cannot be made up by the students.  Because each member plays a vital role in the success of the Vocal Music Program at Enid High

School, attendance by all members at All performances is REQUIRED.  Each performance will be worth 100 points.  To earn the entire 100 points, students must be on time and dressed in the appropriate uniform.  Points will be deducted for lack of uniform.  If a student misses a performance because of personal or family illness, a parent/guardian must telephone the director BEFORE the performance.  Work is not an excused absence.  Lack of transportation is also not an excuse for missing a performance.  If you are aware of a transportation problem before a performance, inform your director or another choir member.  We will be glad to help!  Additionally, choir members are expected to assist, if help is needed, in setting up or breaking down risers/sound shell/sound equipment, etc. before and after performances.  This responsibility is part of your grade and these procedures will go quickly if everyone does his/her share. Missing all concerts in a semester with unexcused absences may result in removal from the choral program.



This grade is based on class participation, attention, promptness, correct posture, cooperation and attention.  These are necessary for a successful rehearsal and good choral singing.  All students are expected to be in their place with their choir folder and a pencil when the bell rings.  Anything that takes away from the rehearsal will lower the daily grade.  In addition, students will occasionally be graded on their voice parts by singing in small groups.  Absences from class directly affect the grade.  Rehearsals cannot be recreated.  Students who have unexcused or unverified absences will receive a zero for that day.



This grade is based on the students percentage based on small weekly Theory tests through Google classroom. There will also be extra tests when Mr. Johnson or Mr. Johnson are out of the classroom. These can be completed on a Chromebook, IPad, and computer. There will be time given in class to complete assignments, except in Select choir. Select Choir is also broken into 10% Theory 10% Sight Reading tests to be submitted online to the google classroom.



Students must be eligible to participate at any OSSAA activity.  Ineligible students are still allowed to and expected to participate in concerts.  Chronically ineligible or absent students risk losing travel and performance privileges, being moved to another choir at the semester, or possible dismissal from choir. Please refer to your student handbook for any clarification you may need on eligibility rules.